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The Spoils

The Spoils: Holy Heist - Single Booster Pack

The Spoils: Holy Heist - Single Booster Pack

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Holy Heist is the second set in the Unlikely Heroes block, bringing fans up to the forefront of the action in the current storyline. Eldridge Gosche has called a secret council in Lugubria and hired an Expedition to seek out a source of raw Voidal power by stealing a Living God from the Thabbashites. Meanwhile, our unlikely heroes, who are now joined by Ignatious Gloamspike, have been tasked by powerful seraphim with stopping Gosche from carrying out his nefarious plans of unbridled avarice. Can the Unlikely heroes intercept the Expedition before it is too late? Or will Gosche be that much closer to realizing his vision of Voidal power untold?

Join the adventure to steal a god!

Holy Heist brings 140 new cards to the current block. All booster packs will now contain a 14th card insert and starting with this set, there are 2 rare cards per pack. We are excited to put another great set of cards in the hands of our players and provide plenty of opportunities for a fantastic Limited and Constructed environment. With Holy Heist, you can really feel the difference. See you at the next Spoils L33T Gaming tournament!

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