Trading Card Games: Grading your cards in the UK

PCG UK graded Pokémon cards

If you're looking to grade your trading cards we recommend using Pocket Card Grading. Not only do they have the smallest slab design in the UK, you will struggle to find a clearer slab. The combination of a clean label and clear design allows for your cards to take centre stage and really shine.

What makes PCG stand out?

  • Smallest slab on in the UK market
  • Superior clarity
  • Free grading reports
  • Free population report with sub grades
  • Free metal card with subgrades to add to your binder
  • Card encapsulation with custom labels
  • A unique grading scale that is much fairer to the surface of the card
  • Crossover grading

You can get all of this for just £5 for encapsulation, £7.50 for crossover grading and £12 for the regular grading service.

Our customers can also get 10% off the standard grading service using our discount code:

To submit your cards today you can visit the Pocket Card Grading "PCG" website by clicking the link below.

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