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Show-Dex: Premium Zip TCG Card 9-Pocket Binder

Show-Dex: Premium Zip TCG Card 9-Pocket Binder

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  • Holds up to 360 cards making it suitable for all those master sets and more. 9 pocket pages. 20 pages in total.

  • Material is soft-touch PU leather and delivers a premium feel and the utmost protection. Made from acid-free, non-PVC material.

  • Side-loading pockets enable ease of use and minimise the risk of any cards falling out.

  • Highly transparent pockets allow you to showcase all cards in your collections with a few flicks of a page.

  • Strong rubber zipper to close the binder up and secure your cards.

  • All binders are delivered with a swanky outer box, perfect for storage, extra protection or gift purposes.

  • Velvet/suede lining inside the binder provides a premium feel.

  • Binder measures approx. 35cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 3cm (H). Pockets are suitable for all major TCG’s.

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