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Gradeshield: Semi-Rigid Card Savers

Gradeshield: Semi-Rigid Card Savers

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For use in grading submissions and storage. Send your cards safely within our GRADESHIELD Semi-Rigid Card Savers.
  • Semi-Rigid Card Saver Size: 3.27" x 4.84" (84mm x 124mm)
  • Fits: Pokémon and Magic The Gathering Cards (63.5mm x 88.9mm) and Yugioh Cards (59mm x 86mm)
  • Simply place your card in a penny sleeve and insert carefully into the Semi-Rigid Card Saver.
  • These semi-rigids are snug; your card will be suitably solid in their new home. Please be careful when inserting your trading cards and do not use unnecessary force. These card savers are made to ensure the card is completely fixed into position and are a snug fit.
  • Directions: Insert your trading card into a penny sleeve prior to inserting into the semi-rigid card saver. This will ensure that the card can be removed if necessary without the risk of damage.

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