Grading your One Piece cards

Grading your One Piece cards

What is One Piece?

Let’s start by taking a look at what One Piece is. One Piece was created in Japan and is a manga series illustrated and written but Eiichiro Oda. The television series has been running since 1997 and features the adventures of “Monkey D. Luffy” who is a boy containing the properties of rubber when without realising managed to eat a Devil Fruit. His crew, the “Straw Hat Pirates” explore the Grand Line searching for the King of the Pirates treasure known as “One Piece”.

One Piece TCG

The TCG (Trading Card Game) for One Piece was first announced on 7th March 2022 and released in Japan during July 2022, the release coincided with the One Piece 25th-anniverssary celebrations.

With the One Piece TCG picking up traction a lot of collectors are looking for ways to protect their trading cards.

Where can I grade my One Piece cards?

PCG (Pocket Card Grading) is a UK grading company which offers unique characteristics when it comes to the field of grading cards. They have an incredible compact slab design which uses acrylic to offer an optimal level of clarity when looking at your cards through the slabs. Their grading scale is unique and favours the most important part of the card, the front and back surfaces. They also offer a free card report and have a pop report on their website. You pay an additional cost to receive a metal certificate which can replace the card you’ve graded in the binder slot and also includes the grade and subgrades. If you’d like to grade your One Piece cards with PCG you can head over to their website using the link below. You can also gain an additional 10% off when using the code TCG10 at the checkout.

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Where can I buy One Piece cards?

We stock booster packs for Romance Dawn and Paramount War in japanese.

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